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Janis Adams
book author, editor
great Person
love you- Janis
I have the most wonderful pet for a Chihuahua from

(GUCCI AS OF 2014)

Deborah, breeder/owner of Tejas T Little Cutie Chihuahuas. My experience with this breeder has been nothing but the absolute best! My little girl "Gucci" weighs approximately three pounds. She is now three years old, and has not had one single health issue. When she came to us at 4 months old, she was up-to-date on all her shots and had been wormed. Deborah put me in contact with the veterinarian she uses and she was given the highest reference I could have asked for. Gucci has the best temperament of any Chihuahua I have ever seen, everyone is so impressed by her where ever we go - and she goes EVERYWHERE with me, from shopping sprees to flying here and there. My experience with Deborah was so wonderful, and Gucci so sweet and lovely that my neighbors purchased a puppy from Deborah a year after I got Gucci. Deborah and Tejas T Little Cuties Chihuahuas have my highest regard! ~Janis Adams(janis_adams@verizon.net)

John and Ana Scialom
 We were very pleased to see the breeding farm of Deborah Trevino in Conroe , texas. The facility was impeccable, the dogs looked very well maintained and organized. After a long investigation by my wife Ana, she found this site were Mrs. Trevino has posted a very complete information on her dogs! This gave us a great deal of trust to go visit the facility in Conroe. The knowledge and the kind attentions of Mrs. Trevino toward us, made us feel like at home right away. We also appreciate the honesty and the dedication of Mrs. Trevino. We will recommend her as a very professional breeder and correct person. We are extremely pleased with her endeavors.
Email: *johnscialom@aol.com

Ana Scialom & her Bambina


                                     Sandy Pattillo
                email address *my_lil_dogpatch@yahoo.com
 I just got a chi puppy from Debra at Tejas T Little Cutie Chihuahuas. Her dogs are very well cared for, clean, and healthy. Our little girl Teensy (renamed Misty) is such a sweety and social with all of our other dogs. I couldn't ask for a better puppy, and I would recommend Tejas T to anyone. I plan to get a male chihuahua from Deborah in the future. Not only are her puppies wonderful, but Deborah and her husband are fine people. I wish we lived closer because we could be very good neighbors & friends. I felt as welcome as family. Thank-you so much, Deborah.

Janelle Hinsley-Texas



I have been a Chihuahua owner most all of my life. I am so particular about who I will buy from. I had just lost my 12 year old male Chihuahua and was looking for another. I found Tejas T on the internet, saw all of the photos of all her stock and saw she had 2 new babies. After numerous emails and phone calls, I made an appointment to see the babies. I was very impressed on how clean and well kept all of her Chihuahuas and Papillons were. Deborah was very open and welcomed all of our questions. The babies were so adorable and healthy. I couldn't resist and had to get my little Daisy Mae. Upon her first vet visit the doctor was very impressed on what a fine specimen she was and how healthy she was. I am so glad that I found Deborah's Chihuahuas, I would never hesitate buying one of her babies because I know I am getting quality and her facility is clean and well kept and by NO means is she a puppy mill. If you are looking into buying a puppy from Deborah Trevino, feel free to talk to me as a good reference. I just love my little girl and I know in my heart she came from a good loving home!
Terri Milke-Anchorage Alaska horsegal@mtaonline.net
 Chion female puppy
Deborah’s service is fantastic, and our little Lacey is amazing! Our family loves her, she is sweet, intelligent, healthy, easy to train, fun, and we get nothing but comments about what a cute dog she is. She house trained in a jiffy ( think she may have had 2 or 3 accidents in the house when she was house training and she never pooped in the house). Her temperament is superb! She isn’t timid and rarely barks. She is good with children, not nippy or fussy. We can take her anywhere, in fact she was allowed in ICU at the hospital to visit someone and her


manners were impeccable, and that was when she was 5 months old! She is about 5.5 lbs of vivacious fun at 9 months old!  
Deborah answered all of my questions and was extremely helpful. Lacey was our first small dog and she went out of our way to assist us with our little Lacey. I would go back to her any time for another puppy.
John Wines
 I  was looking for a puppy online to surprise my wife, Cora. She was in a very depressed state after witnessing our 2 year old long haired Chihuahua killed right in front of her eyes by a large dog that had wondered into our yard, on March 22nd, 2013. We had six Chihuahuas at the time. He was so sweet and it was a terrible tragedy to lose him in that way. In early April after exhausting searches in our local area around West Virginia, I discovered a website call Next Day Pets. I spent a couple of days searching the site and came across Deborah Trevino. She had the perfect puppy, which looked almost identical the little boy we had lost. I contacted Deborah by phone and obtained information about purchasing a puppy from 1500 miles away. She made me feel very comfortable, as I had never purchased a live animal online before. We agreed on terms and Deborah made the airline arrangements to send the puppy to me. She only had 2 puppies at the time. I was concerned about the little one traveling so far by himself that I bought his brother, too! She was very caring for the way my puppies shipped to me. She did not want a long layover for them with the airlines, as there was no direct flight from Houston to Charleston. She secured the best flight possible and purchased a special crate to meet airline requirements. She also included a special sack made of cowhide for them to sleep in. She is by no means a Puppy Mill, she is a genuine caring breeder who cares for her animals and always referred to the puppies as my new babies. The puppies arrived in great health on April 9th with vet papers. I took them to my vet and there were no issues with either puppy. It was such a joy to see my wife's face when I presented her with the puppies. She cried especially, when she saw the one that was identical to our little lost angel. The puppies are now 7 months old and sleep in a bed beside our bed, along with 5 other chihuahuas, ages 2 to 4. Deborah's puppies are quite smart and get along well with all the others. We love them, and if and when we purchase another animal it will no doubt come from Deborah. You may contact me if you have any questions. I love to share good information about wonderful people, especially those people who raise the spirits of others.
From Plano, Texas
Laura Burr Galloway
"Thank you Deborah and Tejas T Little Cutie Chihuahuas for both our baby girls. What wonderful little dogs both Chihuahuas are and we are so happy with the love and care we received from Deborah Trevino. From being personally invited into her home to visit and learn about the girls to all the follow up we have received over the past two years. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting to purchase a Chihuahua. Please contact me directly if I can provide you with a personal reference for Deborah and her service."
LaScott Dylla 
We got our baby, Foxy Girl, a long haired blue Merle chi from Deborah in February 2013. The place was very clean, she was very personal and very Helpful throughout the entire process. Foxy is very outgoing, very flashy and very loveable! She is the only child and is perfect!
James and Jeanne Elder
We purchased a precious little puppy from Deborah. She was healthy and clean. Deborah cares about her dogs and gives them good care so that all puppies are born healthy and kept that way until they are adopted by their new owners. We love our sweet little Mercy girl!
Jill Hernandez
Thank you, Deborah for my darling Picabou. She is the joy and light of my life. I can't  imagine life without her! She is 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 now - that is - 2 1/2 years old and 2 1/2 pounds and as healthy and full of fun as can be! I remember how much care and concern you had for her when she came to us as just a puppy and how much interest you have shown in watching her grow up through the pictures and stories I have sent you over the years. Thank you for being Peeky  doting godmother. May you always continue your wonderful work bringing priceless gifts like Picabou to people who will forever love them as a mother loves a child.
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